Unique Gifts For 2010 a Travel Adventure to London

Are you searching for unique gifts in 2010? I have the most unique gift idea for you: Give the gift of Travel. Why the gift of travel? There are a zillion reasons why travel is the best gift, including experiencing history and historical places first hand, expanding your cultural horizons and understanding of the world and even family bonding as you plan out your trip together.

There are so many places you can visit both close to home and across the globe. You will have to think about your family and what will be appropriate for you. You can choose from a family adventure camping and shooting rapids in Colorado to New York City Theaters and beyond. But my favorite (and my recommendation) is the fantastic international city of London, England. This city truly has something for everyone. A week in London will be unforgettable and remembered in your family for years to come.

See Historical Places

There are so many wonderful historical placed to visit in London. Again you can easily find something that will work for your family. My personal favorites include the Tower of London (grim past and shiny jewels), The Globe Theater (smaller than you might think), and the Royal Estates of Hampton Court Palace (fantastic kitchens) and Windsor Castle (beautiful gardens).

Visit First Class Museums

There a so many museums in London it will be hard for you to choose which ones to start with. They range from the British Museum (objects from around the globe) to the London Transport Museum (fascinating history of the London Underground), to the Imperial War Museum ( The London experience during WW1 and WW2).

Gain Cultural Understanding

London is a fantastic place to get a new understanding of how people around the world live, while still speaking English. You will enjoy shopping in the grocery stores in London to see what folks there purchase (try some custard tarts). You can ride the London Underground to get all over this city and see different neighborhoods. Or try my favorite way- enjoy a traditional English Tea in the afternoons (I recommend the restaurant on the top of the Portrait Gallery). This event will make you purchase a box of strong English tea at Harrods before you head home.

Must See London Attractions

Beyond all the sights and museums we have mentioned above, don’t forget about the London Eye (a huge Ferris wheel- type structure that gives a great view of the city. Check it out on a clear day.), and Kew Gardens (Victorian Era gardens in Richmond- just outside of London).

So when you are scratching your head this year to find truly Unique Gifts for 2010, Why not see if a travel adventure (to London) is right for you? Your family will thank you for years to come.

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